Proteomics and metabolomics in diagnosis and scoring of vascular calcifications in chronic kidney disease

RENART application

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About the project

Contractor: The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI)

Program: Partnerships in S&T priority domains - Joint Applied Research Projects

Domain: Health

Coordinator: Fundeni Clinical Institute

Contract no. 93/2012

Duration: August 2012 - December 2016

State budget: 3,000,000 lei

Co-financing budget: 250,000 lei


The RENART project

The RENART project approaches the challenging task of assessment cellular and molecular markers of vascular calcifications (VCs) in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). VCs in CKD are severe, occur early in the course of CKD and progress very fast.  The general objective of the RENART project is to develop a computer assisted score for VCs using a composite biomarkers approach.  RENART study will evaluate the relationship between mineral metabolism abnormalities, factors that actively regulate calcium and phosphorus homeostasis, boneregulated molecules, and the severity of VCs. Presence and severity of VCs will be diagnosed by vascular ultrasound and spiral computed tomography.

Scientific Methods

RENART project is a prospective observational non-interventional trial, structured into 4 phases focused on scientific research and innovation. The general strategy of the project is going through a first stage of scientific documentation and working methodology development, followed by the accumulation of clinical and laboratory data, on which will be based the design and implementation of a mathematical model, followed by testing the conceptual model on a group of patients, completion of a computer assisted score.


News and events related to project implementation.

  • First stage ended on December 2012.
  • Second stage ended on December 2013.
  • RENART application is under development.
  • Future events: to be announced.